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Monday, 8 March 2010

Miscellaneous - 08.03.2010

Today has been a somewhat long, tiring but still enjoyable day. This morning I was up at half past five and had to travel into Central London with barely any make up on (not a good sight for anyone to be honest!! haha) ... I was asked by my best friend Racheal to take part in her exam as a client (she's training to be a beautician =D) so I [obviously] said 'HELL YES!!' Haha... so that's the reason for going to Central London with the minimal amount of make-up on.

By 9:15am the other clients and myself were all ready to be pampered, and that we were! Facial massage, pedicure, waxing (even though I have one hairy leg *coz we had to grow our hair especially for the day* and one non hairy leg - Haha!! xD), body massage and so much more. And believe it or not, lying on a massage bed all day really tires you out! I can't imagine how the actual beauticians lasted all day! - Having said that I'm sure they all did a great job and passed with flying colours =D ... So a big thank you to Racheal (my best mate) for letting me take part and also for choosing to become a beautician - It's gonna save me a lot of money haha ;) ... Ive had a long and not so great weekend so today helped me SO much =]

Racheal and Me <3

I also got home and read something that somewhat got to me. Amanda (xoxoshorteexoxo) sent me a message and a link on facebook... here's the link so you guys can read it too and then read my mini rant on it below:


So... firstly I have to thank Amanda for sending me this link! Secondly, I hate the fact that someone has gone out of their way to stereotypically insult all the 'beauty gurus' (or whatever you wanna call yourselves).

The part that really gets to me:
"Haul vloggers seem to be primarily of one species: the girl who flatirons her hair, wears too-thick eye shimmer up to her eyebrows, drowns in eyeliner, and gets her brows waxed regularly. She also wears trendy-but-ugly nail polish and probably gets chemical peels at regular monthly intervals."

I can vouch for myself and the other guru's on youtube, WE DO NOT DO THAT!! If anything, we're here to tell people NOT to wear the "too-thick eye shimmer up to her eyebrows" ... and all the rest of it. I can honestly say that I have never had a chemical peel... and don't intend to!! And define 'trendy-but-ugly nail polish'? ... I really think the person who wrote this needs to get their facts straight before they go slagging off a can I say? community? of people because there are people out there that DO watch these videos and they do actually take the advice that these guru's on youtube are giving them... whether it's about fashion or make up - if these people want to watch and listen, then why should the people MAKING the videos be criticised and why should the people watching them be made to feel 'stupid' for doing so!

Anyways.. Im gonna carry on watching FRIENDS now and then Im gonna visit the land of nod, ready for my booooooooooring lecture tomorrow morning haha

Thanks for reading, this one was pretty long huh? Sorry :P

Least you guys have something to read if you can't get to sleep. No need for sleeping pills! Haha!



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