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Friday, 3 September 2010

Review: MAC Autumn/Fall 2010 Collection - Fabulous Felines

As promised, here's my review on the products I purchased from the Fabulous Felines collection. 

Eyeshadow Quads - £29.50
1. Burmese Beauty 
Prized - pale yellow beige, Satin
Burmese Beauty - Frosted brown green, Lustre
Skin tone 2 - Dirty gold, Frost
Showstopper - Deep blackened brown, Matte

2. Leopard Luxe 
Wild by nature - Midtone camel, Matte
Notoriety - Dirty brown with gold pearl, Velvet
Style Predator - Frosted midtone yellow orange, Veluxe Pearl
Furiously Fabulous - Frosted warm black, Veluxe Pearl

My thoughts and opinions:
The palette's are slightly hard for me to review because I've heard a lot of people say that the colours are very similar to some eye shadows that MAC already carry, or that they're re-promotes. Personally, I haven't been buying MAC products for a very long time so my collection isn't yet big enough to have dupes and re-promotes, so with that said, I love the palettes! For me the colours are pretty unique - I don't have similar colours in my entire make up collection let alone my MAC collection. However, I did find that Showstopper (Burmese Beauty Palette) is incredibly similar to 'Handwritten' by MAC.

Both palettes would be great to carry on holiday as they can offer a variety of looks - day and evening, natural and glamorous.

Superslick Liquid Eyeliners - £14.50
Signature Blue - Dark navy with soft pearl (Palace Pedigreed)
Treat me nice - Emerald Green with soft pearl (Burmese Beauty)

My thoughts and opinions:
LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! These things are amazing. Truly. Everything is in the name of this product! They're so pigmented, they dry to a semi-metallic (superslick) finish giving an almost wet-look, incredibly easy to apply and they dry super quickly. The applicator is a felt tip so you don't have to worry about fraying brushes - these bad boys will stay pointed at the tip and will give you a super defined flick if necessary. 

And it doesn't stop there... even the packaging is superslick and cool ;) ... they're slender enough to fit into your make up bag if you feel that you need to top up on these, though you shouldn't have to because once it goes on it's pretty tough getting it off! Hence, they're completely smudge proof. And they're colour coordinated so it's easy to get your hands on if you haven't got a very organised stash ;). They'd be interesting to use as a base for your eye shadow... Hmm...

On the down side, MAC didn't release too many 'WOW-worthy' colours, but I still think that these superslick super-awesome eye-liners are completely worth buying and should be the ONE thing you buy if anything.

They are new to MAC so will they add these to their permanent line? Who knows? I hope so...

Lipsticks - £12.50
Cunning - Dark berry, Frost (Palace Pedigreed)
Drive me wild - Midtone warm coral with gold pearl, Cremesheen (Leopard Luxe)

My thoughts and opinions:
Well, let's be honest. There's not much to say about MAC lipsticks when it comes to reviewing the product itself. There's no fancy packaging in this collection, just the standard black and silver bullet style. And to be honest, the colours in this collection didn't really fascinate me either (apart from the two that I picked up).

I was going to buy 'Kittenish' which is part of Burmese Beauty, but it's exactly the same colour as 'Cunning' ... only 'Cunning' is a frost and 'Kittenish' is a cremesheen - so they would apply differently, but I prefer 'Cunning' as much as I love the cremesheen finish.

I do really like 'Drive me wild'. The name is catchy and the colours is gorgeous! I was worried that it was too similar to 'Thrills' (from the To The Beach collection) but I was hugely wrong, so I was pleased about that. If anything, it's a much better colour than 'Thrills'. I'm sure this lipstick would be great to wear with whatever look you create using the Leopard Luxe palette. 

Tinted Lipglasses - £12
Jealous - light dirty green with pearl (Burmese Beauty)
Best of breed - light dirty blue with pearl (Palace Pedigreed)

My thoughts and opinions:
Again, can't really comment much on these. They're pretty much the same as any other tinted lipglass MAC has to offer, regarding the consistency and texture on the lips. The colours of these two lipglasses are what drew me to them. They're unique colours, and certainly nothing like any lipglosses/lipsticks I have in my make-up collection. 

The colour doesn't transfer to the lips unless you put it over a matching lipstick maybe... 
...but the colours are still great. 'Best of breed' works great over 'Cunning' and both tinted lipglasses match their palettes well. 

MAC Online - Fabulous Felines

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