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Friday, 17 September 2010

LUSH Storage!

So... it hasn't been very long since I've started buying stuff from LUSH Cosmetics but my collection has grown over the little time that I have. I have many favourites from LUSH and I used to keep it in the bags that LUSH provide (y'know, the little yellow ones?) and shove it all into a little box. But, now I have a much better way of storing my LUSH goodies!

Yes, this is a fruit bowl. But when I saw it (which was actually by accident) I instantly thought of my LUSH stuff.  It's perfect! It's deep, and really quite big so it can store loads of LUSH stuff, if you're like me and just can't limit yourself to a few items when you visit them. And it's orange... so I HAD to by it!! Lol ... You can tell I love the Creamy Candy Bath stuff huh? Lol

The temperature's dropping so find your fruit bowl, get some LUSH goodies, run yourself a long, hot bath and relax - take time to organise your thoughts AND your LUSH stuffs.

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