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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Avoid exam stress spots with WATER!

Hey guys!

So, of course, exams are looming. My first exam is on the 3rd of May - just 4 days away! Exams are always horrible, they make you stressed and the stress makes you jumpy and sometimes even up-tight. Exam stress also gives a number of people spots - but, they are avoidable! And I'm going to tell you how in this blog post!

I can't remember the last time I had a spot on my face - sure I always get a dry patch or two but that's because I naturally have really bad skin and living in London, dry skin is made worse by the horrible cold, windy weather which graces us for 9/12 months!

Stress is horrible and everyone suffers from stress. But stress has this effect on the body where exposure to stressful situations, heightens your body's stress response which in turn, increases the risk of getting spots (among so many serious health problems that stress can cause). So, I hardly ever get spots - "how is that possible?" I hear you ask!

It won't come as a surprise to any of you to hear that of course I wear make-up - foundation being one of the major causes of 'spot outbreaks' - of course mainly in women. This is because, foundation and all the chemicals in the make up we use, unsurprisingly, has a bad effect on our skin. It's therefore questionable as to why we endeavour to wear the make-up, but we're women and we like to look nice - it's therefore our responsibility to make sure we steer clear of spots in any way we can!

And this applies to men too - of course, most men don't wear make up, but they do have hormones!! Hormones play a huge role in getting spots, and so does oily skin!

I do, however, want to make it clear that I do not have any medical training so if you think you have a major case of outbreaks, or think you may have acne, my clear advice to you is to go and see your GP!

So, how does water stop you from getting spots?

1. DRINK WATER!! - I know every one says this but it is so true. I, hand on my heart, have only drunk a fizzy drink to taste them, only to realise I didn't like them. Personally, they taste fowl and the gassy feeling on my tongue is vile - but if you do like fizzy drinks, remember to drink them in moderation and DON'T drink them to hydrate your body. If you feel dehydrated the best thing to drink is water - it hydrates all parts off the body without the sugar and calories!!
2. Wash your face with WATER! (without soap or facial cleansers)-  Not only does drinking water keep you squeaky clean on the inside, washing your face with water prevents exposing your skin to all the nasty chemicals they put in soap and face cleansers etc. Washing your face with warm water is best. If you have dry skin, wash with warm water and use a face-towel to damp-dry your skin and then lock in the moisture with a day/night moisturiser. For oily skin, use the face-towel also but make sure you dry your skin completely and either use a small amount of moisturiser suitable for oily-skin or don't use one if you feel you're skin is too oily (this is a good idea particular for night time as this will allow your skin to breath without having make-up/moisturiser clogging your pores).

The final little piece of advice I can give you is to use face masks regularly. You can buy these or buy the ingredients and make them yourself at home. A good one to treat spots AND acne is the aspirin and honey face mask. Just crush two aspirin tables in a table-spoon of honey, smear on your face, sit back and relax - and try not to catch the honey dripping off your nose :P

There are many other things that contribute to spots, but taking on board some of this advice may help your skin look clearer, more youthful and less "stressed".

Good luck to anyone who has exam this month or soon!

Remember "Study hard now, party harder later" =D



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