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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Some things I'm really loving at the moment!

Heya Guys,

In my Get To Know Me Video I was asked to name a few things that I'm really loving at the moment, but because I didn't want to make the video too long (it ended up being long with out my list of goodies) I decided to post a blog and show you some of the stuff that I absolutely loooooooove at the moment - not all of them being make up! This way I can show you pictures, and it doesn't have a time/length limit!

Enjoy ;)

These are two of my favourite eyeshadows at the moment. The top one (Bisque) and the bottom one (Blackberry) - both by MAC and they're both matte. I'm very into matte eyeshadows at the moment so these fit right in. I love bisque mainly for highlight or I use these both together for a really simple day look with bisque all over the lid and blackberry in the crease ... maybe with a little bit of wedge or espresso (also both eyeshadows by mac) to define the crease a little bit more! 
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

 So, anyone who knows me, knows I love orange - and since last year I have loved big bags coz they're just so handy to have and I looooove them. So when I saw this in New Look I pretty much HAD to invest! Such an amazing bag. I love it. You can wear it two ways - across your body or just on your shoulder - because it has the longer strap and the shorter handles. I love it! I use it for uni and it's just really amazing!

 This is a very new found love. My mama and papa got this acer netbook for me for Christmas and I'm in love with it. Not because it's a Christmas presents and you have to pretend to like/love Christmas presents but because I genuinely love it. My parents knew that I had wanted one for ages and they both tricked me into thinking I wasn't gonna get it for Christmas because they claimed they couldn't afford it. And I know it was a stretch for their purse strings so I'm even more thankful <3

 I bought this ring last summer, like most of my junk jewellery, I bought this from New Look. I love the design! I fell in love with it pretty much as soon as I set my eyes on it! It's such a beautiful ring. I don't wear it much in the winter for a few reasons: mainly because the points hurt my cold hands but also because you can't wear gloves over this huge, but amazingly beautiful ring! =]

 Love them? Aren't they sexy? I bought these on sale from Linzi - orignally £30 (i think... could be more) but I paid only £20 and I thought that was a bargain. Plus, I had wanted a pair of ankle boots with a wedge heel for ages so these finally made into my footwear collection ;)

Last but not least, my best friend bought these for me for my 21st birthday. Again, anyone who knows me will know that I LOOOOOOVE anything me to you - but I'm not a big fan of slippers. These however, aside from being 'Me To You', are so soft and comfortable and I love them. I have to admit, I do still wear my socks around the house but these are the first pair of slippers that I've actually stuck to wearing on a day to day basis! 

Hope you guys enjoyed me sharing some of my current loves at the moment! 

Check out the full Get To Know Me video:

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