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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Miscellaneous: All you'll ever gonna be is mean...

Hey guys!

Just a quick blog post since I haven't managed to upload any videos to youtube yet. I have recorded them, but the software that I use to convert the video files isn't working for some strange reason. I'll see what I can do this week - hopefully I'll be able to sort it out!

This past few weeks I've been listening to Taylor Swift's new album, Speak Now, like craaaaaaaaaaaaaazy! It's such an amazing album. Every song I listen to either makes me just want sing out loud just to get my point across to that person because the lyrics in some of hers are just the words you need to put someone straight. It's really great stuff. And there are loads of great songs on it... on her other albums I could probably pick one or two songs out that are really amazing, but this album is just the opposite where I could probably pick one or two that I don't really like that much.
 ... There's one song that I avoid like the plague - Last Kiss. When I first got the album and the song made me cry I thought 'great song'... the times I listened to it after that and it made me cry each and every time I thought 'this song is never gonna get old - it's so great' and now, I just can't listen to it because everytime I do I can feel my eyes welling up xD

Anywaaaaaaaaay - moving on... I was meant to get a new phone today but 3 were being difficult, so I didn't. Which really upset me, because I've really been looking forward to getting a new phone. But as I said, 3 is just being stupid at the moment. Still, there's nothing wrong with my phone. Edward (my phone) serves me well so there's not really much point in changing it... at least that's what I'm telling myself. I was meant to go out today as well but ... well those plans didn't go to plan. SO, I'm stuck indoors!

And because I'm stuck indoors I thought I'd take some pictures, and while I'm at it, lemme show you the newest baby to my collection of babies who aren't actually human! haha

I saved up for about a year to get these beauties!! I got the midnight collection which came with two clips, the case and the heatproof mat (and obviously the straighteners) lol... I paid £122 I think... I thought I deserved it after a year of saving up hehe

And then some pictures that I took coz I got bored:

Lotsa Love


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