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Friday, 3 December 2010

Random Ramblings: I'm back... from the future :O

No I'm not really... though I wish I was, 'cause I'd know what I would do next - which would be typing the next word - right? ANYWAAAAAAAAY before I start confusing people (and myself xD)... let's get on to what I was meant to say =]

So... this last week has... well... I don't think it's been that great actually. I've been busy at uni - AS usual. I've got two assessments next week so I'm studying for them. AND I did actually film a tutorial this week but when I got round to editing it I realised it was really similar to my 'To The Beach' tutorial, so I didn't bother uploading it or anything. But I will get one up this weekend! Something different... Or at least I'll try. I'm running out of ideas now xD

Today... I found out an interesting fact! Rudyard Kipling is Anglo-Indian....

...Well I thought that was an interesting fact anyway - since I'm Anglo-Indian xD

Anyway, I thought I'd share some pictures with you from over the week =]

Timmy the cat =] ... Nicks the armchair and keeps it all for himself xD

Yes! Believe it or not, this cat IS actually trying to open the door. But it was too cold to let him out! Silly Tommy xD

My aunty - who made this whole outfit (aside the boots and the belt) by herself from a ball... or two... or three of wool? I don't even know! xD ... I know she crotched it though! This is her christmas Santa outfit =]

The view out of my bedroom window on the 30th November 2010 - snowing for the first time this winter down in East London. I don't think Londoners will EVER get fed up of seeing snow - it's awesome. And in previous years we used to dreaaaam for a white christmas - will we get it this year? (I won't, coz I'll be in India - and we all know it ain't gonna snow there lmao - or it could it would just be one bloody amazing Christmas miracle! xD)

What can I say? In this weather you need fluffy slippers to keep your toesies warm =] ... I HATE feeling cold. It's the most uncomfortable feeling in the world for me. And I hate cold feet more (especially when you're trying to get to sleep coz it's actually a scientific fact that as long as you have cold feet you WILL NOT go to sleep! Your body just can't shut down if you have cold feet) so I like my sheepy shlippers! =D

Okay, so I'm gonna go and carry on studying now (but only while the adverts are on during 'I'm A Celeb...'



Stay warm, safe (be careful not to slip on the roads) and have a great weekend guys! =D

Love you all,

Thanks for reading,



“A woman's guess is much more accurate than a man's 

certainty.” - Rudyard Kipling

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