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Monday, 21 June 2010

Miscellaneous: What to do?!?

Hey guys!

If you're a loyal subscriber of mine, you've probably noticed that I haven't really been doing tutorials that much recently.

And I'm sorry... but the main reason for this is that I simply just do not know what kind of tutorials you guys want. Basically, I'm kind of asking for requests... but I'm also asking you to tell me what you really like on my channel, and what you'd like to see more of... coz I'm running out of ideas fast!

I will be putting up a few tutorials using the products that I bought from the 'To The Beach' collection by MAC, and maybe a couple more with the products from the Prêt-à-Papier collection but what else do you guys wanna see?

What colours? -- Day looks? -- Night time/going looks? -- Everyday/quick-to-get-ready makeup?

And it doesn't have to stop at tutorials... would you like to see a review on anything? Or any other ideas? Tags? Anything else?

Please please let me know!

You can either comment on here, or on my youtube profile... you can message me there to. Regarding requesting for reviews: you can, again, comment or message me and I'll let you know if I have the product or not. If I don't, I'll try and buy it and if I can't buy it I'll be sure to let you know. Either way, I'll respond to your request in the best way I possibly can and as fast as possible!

Thanking you all in advance... I look forward to reading some of your ideas and requests =D

Thanks for reading,



  1. Hey, yea i noticed... maybe you could do reviews of things you love or even hate? outfit of the day posts? everyday looks? hair styles??

    there you ago loads of ideas and no excuse not to post


  2. Awesome ideas hehe... Thank youuu